American Psycho x StreetX - Full Campaign
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American Psycho x StreetX - Full Campaign

Production Credits

Directed by Walter Mather
Executive Producer: Daniel Bradshaw
Client: StreetX
Production Company: Dynamic Visuals
Produced by Kieren BW
Director of Photography: Kieren BW
Gaffer: Walter Mather
Sound Recordist: Daniel Smith
Production Assistant: Cam Johnstone
Production Design: Walter Mather
Editor: Andrew Whelan
VFX: Walter Mather
Colourist: Jordan Blanch
Camera Rental: Sharegear


Patrick Bateman: Brad McCarthy
Paul Allen: Daniel Bradshaw

David Van Patten: Jesse Toniolo
Timothy Bryce: Romahn Sharply
Sanjay Vandepol: Craig McDurmet
Luis Carruthers: Daniel Smith
Marcus Halberstram: Nick Smith

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