Mason Dane - Double Standards
Music Video

Mason Dane - Double Standards

Production Credits

Director: Jordan Ruyi Blanch
Production Company: Dynamic Visuals

Producers: Kieren BW, Walter Mather
Director of Photography: Kieren BW
Gaffers: Walter Mather, Nick Smith
Production Designer: Lauren Caltabiano
Best Person: Daniel Smith
1st Assistant Camera: Andrew Whelan, Tannaz Shaabanpour
BTS Photography: Jasmine Leong
Location Manager: Cin Cheng, Jenna McKirdy
Production Assistant: Rowan Hercus
Editors: Andrew Whelan, Jordan Ruyi Blanch
Colourist: Jordan Ruyi Blanch
Camera Rental: Sharegear


Lead Girl: Alexandra Lim
Piss Guy: Jett Bond
Fake Girl: Jasmine Leong
Chef: Rowan Hercus
Extras: Sahar Gutman, Nadia Djohan, Liam Priestly, Anthony Quach, Caitlyn Barraso

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