Rage Wild One: Mog.Y x Benny Zenn - WEST HOLLYWOOD
Music Video

Rage Wild One: Mog.Y x Benny Zenn - WEST HOLLYWOOD

Production Credits

Directed by Walt Mather & Kieren BW
Production Company: Dynamic Visuals

Produced by Walt Mather
Director of Photography: Kieren BW
1st AC: Andrew Whelan
Gaffers: Nick Smith & Kyle Caulfield
Key Grip: Daniel Smith
Edited by Andrew Whelan
Colourist: Kyle Caulfield
VFX: Walt Mather
Camera Rental: Sharegear

Featuring: Mog.Y
Featuring: Choccy Dan
Featuring: Eden Madebo
Also Starring: Benny Zenn

Special thanks to:

and Misfit Minds
Derek de Vreugt
Picture Search Video & VInyl
Garnett Glaeseman
Prop-A-Ganda Melbourne
Jordan Blanch
Eden Parsons

This video was awarded the Rage "Wild One" award in November 2023.

The accompanying video for ‘WEST HOLLYWOOD’, co-directed by Walter Mather and Kieren Barber-Wilson from Dynamic Visuals, depicts a very film noir hunt for a 1950’s Los Angeles killer. “I had been replaying one of my favourite games of all time, Rockstar’s L.A Noire right before we started production, so was almost at the point of obsession with the era, and this song was such a perfect fit”, explains Kieren. “Walt and I chose to keep the camera locked off for the entire video to really help resonate with that earlier style of filmmaking. We didn’t want to distract the viewer with fancy moving shots but wanted them to really engage with this world. There is actually only a single moving shot in the whole video”.

“The entire production was filmed using gear supplied from Kieren and I’s rental company” adds Walter. “I’m unsure if it’s some form of Stockholm syndrome or we actually liked the idea, but I find it curious that we run a rental company and our first music video is rental themed… A huge thank you has to be said to Derek from Picture Search, which is the last remaining DVD rental store in Victoria. He has an amazing store with incredible character, and I hope that we were able to capture some of that in our film.We managed to source 2000 deceased estate DVDs as prod design and I tell you what, It’s all well and good filming with 2000 deceased estate DVDs, until you think about the logistics of filming with 2000 deceased estate DVDs”.

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